The company behind the device that lets you pour wine without removing the cork has a new product

Coravin Moments app allows consumers to pair wine with movies, books and, of course, food.

“You can naturally type in any situation you want. For example “godfather and tater tots” and it’ll predict the type of wines that you already own or that you can go out and get that would go perfectly with that combination of things,” said Lambrecht.

The app can either choose from wines a consumer already owns and suggest moments that it would best be paired with or include anything from the perfect food pairing to music or literature. The company’s proprietary algorithm works in conjunction with Delectable, one of the world’s largest wine databases, which can take photos, recognize wines and then link to pairings.

Coravin’s CEO Frederic Levy spent 20 years with Nestle’s Nespresso group prior to joining Coravin. The device itself was created by Lambrecht, a medical device inventor.

Lambrecht was excited to bridge the gap between the consumer hardware side of the business he’s been involved with during the creation and now the more digital product the company is adding to the lineup.

The Coravin products are available to mass consumers and to high-end restaurants. The company has raised over $39 million from investors including Windham Venture Partners and Quadrille Capital.

With this latest product, the company hopes to learn from its consumers and propose how to make the wine they’re consuming fit with the experience they’re building.

“I love this connection of wine to the moment or experience that you’re trying to create,” said Lambrecht. “For me emotionally and I think this is why so many people are passionate about wine is that it really amplifies any given experience or moment.”

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