Cramer Remix: How to build a Washington-proof portfolio

In the next decade, Applied Materials President and CEO Gary Dickerson expects nearly every facet of daily life to change, he told CNBC on Tuesday in an interview with Cramer.

“If you look at what we’re seeing today for our business — data generation, all of the smart devices in the world, the amount of data that needs to be stored, the processing of that data, the communication with 5G, all of those things — we’re really in the top of the first inning,” Dickerson said.

“Transportation is going to be disrupted, health care, entertainment, our homes, all parts of our lives are going to change in the next decade by far bigger than anything you and I have ever seen,” he told Cramer.

As a company that helps other build out these capabilities with its semiconductor manufacuring technology, Applied Materials’ top priority is the “speed of innovation,” Dickerson said.

To illustrate his point, the CEO brought Cramer a virtual reality headset that transported the “Mad Money” host to Applied Materials’ technology center.

“Our technology center here in Silicon Valley is the most advanced in the world,” the CEO told Cramer. “So now you’re seeing the products that create every chip in the world, the most advanced displays in the world.”

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