YouTuber Sprinkle of Glitter has announced she is pregnant

“We’ve got a new Baby Glitter on the way!”

That’s how lifestyle vlogger Louise Pentland, AKA Sprinkle of Glitter, announced in a YouTube video that she is pregnant with her second child.

“I have been so desperate to tell you for so long, but I wanted to wait until the traditional time that people tell everybody. I’ve already told my friends and family, obviously,” she said.

According to her blog, the baby is due in January 2018.

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The YouTuber says she’s 11 to 12 weeks pregnant.

She says her daughter Darcy was very happy to hear the news.

She adds that on hearing the news, the six-year-old told her mum: “Even if it’s a boy, I won’t put him in the bin.”

Louise says that the baby is going to keep her surname because she and her partner Liam aren’t married.

In her blog post, she says that after her last pregnancy and the breakdown of her marriage to Matt Watson in 2011, “I vowed not to have any more children. I was pretty set in that.”

But, she says, that all changed when she met current partner Liam last summer.

“From the off we talked about having a baby at some point in our future and had planned to start seriously thinking about it this summer,” she writes.

Last year, the YouTuber said she wanted to reinvent her content and make it more mature.

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