Kesha seems to be taking aim at Dr Luke in her new single

Kesha has released her first single in four years.

The song, called Praying, is a piano ballad which seems to be aimed directly at her old manager Dr Luke.

The two have been locked in a legal battle for years, including allegations of sexual abuse made by Kesha which Dr Luke denies.

The singer has also written an essay documenting her struggles with depression, anxiety and an eating disorder over the past few years.

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“This song is about coming to feel empathy for someone else even if they hurt you or scare you,” writes Kesha in her essay.

The chorus of the song includes the lyrics: “I hope your soul is changing, changing/I hope you find your peace”.

If they are directed at Dr Luke, they seem to suggest that Kesha is willing to move on from the ordeal with him.

The 30-year-old adds that she hopes the song “reaches people who are in the midst of struggles, to let them know that no matter how bad it seems now, you can get through it.”

Talking about her struggles with mental health over the past few years, she writes: “There were so many days, months even, when I didn’t want to get out of bed.

“I spent all day wanting to go to sleep, and then when I did fall asleep, I had horrible night terrors where I would physically cry and scream through the dark.

“I was never at peace, night or day.”

The singer also thanks her fans, known as “animals”, in her essay, published by Lena Dunham’s website Lenny Letter.

“I know that I was never abandoned by my fans, my animals, or my family, but when you are depressed – really, truly depressed – you feel like you have nothing,” she writes.

Kesha also calls her upcoming album, Rainbow, “the most raw and real art I have ever created”.

“In the past, I’ve always felt like I was trying to prove something, trying to be someone I thought people wanted me to be, but on this record, I’m just telling the truth”.

Rainbow will be released on 11 August and features collaborations with Eagles of Death Metal and Dolly Parton.

It is produced by Kemosabe Records, which was created by Dr Luke and Sony.

It was announced in April that he was “no longer the CEO” of the company and it is wholly-owned by Sony.

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