US firms dominate Asia's largest airshow as Trump looks to boost arms exports

The country’s robust participation at the air show “is not surprising,” Hooper said in a statement. “America not only delivers the most effective defense systems, but we offer a ‘Total Package’ approach through Foreign Military Sales, including the provision of training, maintenance and sustainment to support our partners’ full spectrum capabilities.”

The president’s policies highlighted the importance of American goods, Kaidanow told CNBC. It should come as no surprise that both the government and private companies were aligned in their goals, she added.

Addressing reporters earlier, Kaidanow declined to specify whether her team was inking any new military sales deals at the Singapore Airshow, but noted that “there are lots of things in development on all sides.”

Diplomats at the show provided support for U.S. companies and reaffirmed the security importance of the region, she explained.

Kaidanow, who was in Vietnam last week for the U.S.-Vietnam Political, Security, and Defense Dialogue, also encouraged Southeast Asian governments to have strong voices on issues such as freedom of navigation in the South China Sea and counter-terrorism.

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